Shadows On The Wall, Shaped Like The Hat You Wore

Prompted by the Electric Spanking original track list discussion, and as according to the Kris Needs book the Brides recorded a third album in 1980, i was wondering if anyone knew what cuts would have appeared on it. Or indeed, if the assertion is even accurate?

Yes it is a rumored 3rd album by the Brides. Some of the tracks later end up on other projects. As far as I know Catch A Keeper was planned for it. And I think a version of French Kiss from Cinderella Theory. Could be somn from the Family Series was supposed to be on it too.

Yeah there’s a lot of tracks from the Family Series with the Brides. Some of them must be from that album.

Ice Melting In Your Heart
Up Up And Away
Rat Kissed The Cat
Love Don’t Come Easy
Love Is Something
Think Right
Take My Love
Just For Play
Twenty Bucks