Ruth Copeland - I Am What I Am

I haven’t listened to this record in many years. The guitar solo in Gimme Shelter is fucking blistering. My question is does anyone know who is playing it? Eddie, The Token White Devil or Ray Monette? I can’t really tell but is sure is amazing.


I think Eddie is on it but I think he does last solo. Monette is the main man. I read this somewhere - I forget where - and had a listen. The ear test suggests that’s about right…but lets have another listen…

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I was leaning toward Ray too but to me it totally reminds me of the Vital Juices soloing.

Ray is so bad ass, love his stuff with Rare Earth and Dennis Coffey.


There’s probably info about Gimme Shelter in Danny’s book. I can’t check since I didn’t get my copy yet (amazon europe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

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Seems like there are at least two very different guitarists soloing- may be even three.

There are some Hendrix-y jangles and that funky, country wah that Hazel loves that make me think of Eddie, although could also be Ron. Ron is fire on Vital Juices - my other fav is Witches Castle.

I’ve not heard much Monette guitar - Rare Earth was never on my radar when I was younger, although it really ought to have been since it’s Motown.

I should give them a whirl for that and for the band members that play on pfunk tracks. Some of the best ones, too.

Whoever is playing, and which bit, it’s a truly great cover and leaves the original on its arse.

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I’ve not got it to hand at present, so I’m going to guess and say the book says all three.

I’ll find out tomorrow it says Denis Coffey.


Yep. The book says Eddie Hazel, Ron Bykowski, Ray Monette.


I haven’t got it yet either. Ordered it along time ago from WHSmith and then they cancelled the order, then re-ordered it from another online store and I still haven’t got it. I got an email a few days ago apologising for the delay and saying that it was out of stock at the suppliers.

So I guess there are just supply problems in the UK

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Santa needs to pull his finger out. Hope you get it real soon lads. :metal:

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Is this Jay from back in the day of tape trading the 90’s with Bob Bishop?


Yep. It’s me man. Long time no talk. Hope you are doing good.

Our tape trading days were the best.

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No Joke, I transferred all my shit to DVD. Your recordings were always top notch, can’t say that for some of the other tape traders. Thar Sony D-3 was the magic!!

I last saw GC in 2018, kind of finished with that. To many OG’s MIA.


Had the same problem with WHS, ended up cancelling and reordered from Amazon US, cost about £8 more, but came in a week. I think initial UK stocks ran out and for some reason not restocked.

I got mine today !