Rumpofsteelskin lyrics

Here is my interpretation of the “radio voice” (possibly Mr. Wiggles the Worm) in Rumpofsteelskin:
Now you can dance the underwater down the Bimini road
While some surf the undercurrents basically I’m told
Where ice can get red hot and fire can put out the water
Where spankin is thinkin what you make is not what you oughta
Harmonious influences we are: The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein!
Saying a hard head makes a soft “Rumpofsteelskin”
For there ain’t nothing blowing but the Nose, but that’s how it goes in the land of no Nose
The Rumpofsteelskin character says:
I’m ready for the bang, I gotta say! I got the motor booty and I’m blowin’ it, baby! Lemme blow your mind, yeah yeah baba baba!


Great job! I hear the phrase “melodious influences” rather than “harmonious influences.” But I could be wrong. I also hear “I got a thang” rather than “i gotta say.” Could be wrong there as well.

Thanks for posting! :metal:t3::metal:t3:

Anybody come up with the very first words Garry sings to lead off the song? Or what Ray is saying at the :39 mark.

Pretty sure Garry is singing, “Call 'em in! The bomb squad…”

Not sure about Ray’s line…

I hear bomb squad, I hear golem man instead of call em in. What is the very first lyric on the song. Right after Bootsy walks the bass scale up. Right at the top of that Garry says sometning. Are you saying he is saying “call em in” right there?

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He sings, “lookie here!” first (after the 2nd turnaround at the top).

After that, of course the “motor booty when they shake…” hook comes in, and Garry answers it with, “call em in - the bomb squad.” I always heard that as the lyric because it makes sense in the context of the song. Dynamite sticks, megatons, etc. - The bomb squad (aka the Funk Mob) needs to be called in.

But that’s just my ears. To be fair, i don’t even know what “golem men” are or what they’d have to do with the song. Lol! :joy:

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Frankenstein’s monster is a golem. A man-shaped statue or in that case, a patchwork of corpses, given life.

The “bomb squad” seems to be referring to Rumpofsteelskin and his Motor Booty Lady as they’re about to dump dynamite sticks full of megatons on Atlantis. If it is “Golem Man” instead of “call 'em in” it might refer to Wiggles the Worm being a clone of Dr. Funkenstein.

Yes I am thinking that the character Rumpofsteelskin is some kind of golem man.

I concur. I feel “golem man” might be a reference to Funkenstein’s clones due to them being artificially produced (i.e. Children of Production) and fighting Rumpofsteelskin (Mr. Wiggles and Giggle and Squirm are said to be clones of Funkenstein).