Repress of Mothership Konnection (the Kon remix)

They made a repress of the Mothership Konnection 7" (the Kon remix). After it was released last year it went for crazy high prices, so I secured a copy straight away (from discogs).

Kon made this remix back in november 2012 and it’s allegedly from the original stems.


That’s fascinating. Some of the almost inaudible vocal chatter on the original that was so far down in the mix has been brought out.


Really cool remix. Sounds like something that could have been on Reworked By Detroiters but a Parliament version :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. Would like to hear the b-side too. Got curious about Kon, did some poking around and found this:

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Nice find! Here’s a clip from the b-side - Instrumental Dub.

(from Above Board Distribution)

Would be awesome with Reworked By Detroiters 2 with only Parliament tracks.


CheersI Yeah respectfully done. think I used most of my monthly data listening to this on repeat!?!

Somewhat after the event but related (and well worth a listen):

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Yeah I was checking out his soundcloud not too long ago. That one is dope.

I think the multi-tracks for the first “Brides” album have been available (unofficially!) for quite a while, the “knee deep” ones are also out there… I might try a get a high quality remix or two of title track, maybe acapella & guitar mixes as the ones I already heard on YT are were very enjoyable.

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IMO The thing with remixing old classic tracks is the novelty soon wears off, and then your just left with more appreciation for the original.

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Anyone know what version this is? Funkadelic ..Swing Down, Sweet Chariot"..1977 - YouTube

Obviously its got the wrong name on that youtube link, and its also not on the compilation album pictured either.

A friend of mine asked me about it last night. At first I though it was the Kon remix but its not quite the same.

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Interesting! Yeah there’s some differences, but it’s definitely Kon. I found on soundcloud that he posted it about 8 years ago.

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