Reissue of Parliamixes & Edits by Jorun Bombay

The 7" Parliamixes & Edits will apparently be reissued in March. There will be a blue pressing (100 copies) and a standard black one.

It was originally released late 2019 and got remixes/edits of Knee Deep and Mothership Connection. I like the Mothership Connection remix better than the Knee Deep one. Although I think I like the Kon remix even better. But it’s still a nice version.

@MrSuperNobody, I know you said that these remixes are “novelty that soon wears off”, but I like it anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s alright! A crisp mix and nice to hear Bootsy that prominent. Also as an instrumental I guess it doesn’t “step on” the original voca in any way!