Platinum ticket: what's included?

If I’m ever going to see Parliament funkadelic with George, it’s probably going to be this year on September 16th in Minneapolis. It’s the only time on this current tour that they’re going to be anywhere remotely close to me, and I’m actually having a good enough year at work that I could justify this trip.

But I don’t know what ticket to buy. Surely being down in the pit closer to the band would be nice, but before I decide on that, it may be good to know what is included in this platinum ticket that costs so much more. Does anybody know?

Platinum tickets seems to be the best seats, with “market-driven prices” and without anything extra added.

Found this site:

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Interesting, thanks.

I don’t know what to make of this, because based on the seat map and photos of the venue, I don’t see how these balcony seats are better than the floor. I wouldn’t want to be back there when I could be closer to the band for a third of the price.

Probably/maybe it’s because you get reserved seats on the balcony and at the floor you stand (appears to be no seats there).

Seems to be pretty nice place. Found these images (from this site), although they’re from 2012 when it was a movie theater…

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Yeah, I found those pictures too. It must mean that the seats are removed today.

Even still, it feels a little bit counterintuitive because if you’re on the floor you are right there with them.

Yeah that is strange. And $147 for one seat… :sweat_smile:

I don’t know the venue, but I suspect a GA floor seat will give you the best sound and view if you don’t mind standing and perhaps dealing with others who push and shove their way to be up front! They have a similar setup and pricing for the Seattle show at the Paramount where the acoustics are horrible up in the mezzanine. Seems like Ticketmaster’s response to reseller sites grabbing the best assigned seat inventory is to pre-gouge us.

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I think I agree with you for the most part.

I brought the idea up with a friend who I thought might be interested in going and sharing cost, and he advised me that Queens of the Stone age are playing in Minneapolis the very next night, and we are both big fans of them. So it seems like destiny now. The two of us driving down there and sharing the costs and seeing two shows seems like an amazing idea, we’ve already gone to third person interested and are looking for a fourth. This could turn into a pretty sweet trip I can’t believe this might actually happen!


To the best of everybody’s knowledge, what is the current P-Funk touring lineup? Somebody asked me and I did my best to answer but I’m just curious how terrible my answer actually was.

I think this lineup is still pretty correct.

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