Current touring lineup

I haven’t been tracking P-Funk in a minute…really lost track of who’s currently playing with them.

This was last Spring’s lineup, when I saw them in London, give or take…

Benzel on drums
God’s weapon on rhythm guitar
Lige Curry - bass
Danny Bedrossian - keys
Michael Hampton- lead guitar
Star child Jnr - guitar and vocals
Uche- vocals
Brandi - vocals
Patavian - vocals
Tonysha - vocals
Greg Thomas- Sax and vocals
Greg Boyer - Trombone
Adidas guy (who was that guy?) - trumpet
Clip - bass vocals
Young Pop - vocals
Bouvier- vocals
George - hype master, bounce master, vocals.


Thank you.
Wow! Lige, Danny, Mike, & Clip are still holding down the fort.
Wasn’t Byrd back for a while?
I guess touring finally was too much on Bennie’s health.

Adidas guy is Bennie Cowan (a.k.a. Benzel’s dad).

Bennie is still there.

Lol! My bad. Glad to hear he’s still there.
Hey swang, I remember you man!

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Hey Bryce! Welcome back!

Starchild, Jr. is Garry’s son, Garrett Shider. Blackbyrd sat the last run but may be back for the upcoming dates.

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Yeah, Mike came back and replaced Blackbyrd in 2021. Would love to have both of them on stage. Mike could do Maggot Brain and Byrd could do Dog Star. :slightly_smiling_face:

Patavian hasn’t toured so much with the p lately. She decided to go back to college.

JS Williams, Blu Eye Extinction’s trumpet player, has actually been playing instead of Bennie on a bunch of shows lately. The band Blu Eye Extinction has also been touring with pfunk a lot.

And then we have Kevin Oliver on guitar. And of course TreyLewd and Trazae.


Ah yes! Thanks for the reminder. I did see that Mr. Williams stood in for Bennie. Hopeful that Bennie is ok.

Nice to see Mr. Boyer back with the Mob as well.

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Yes. Boyer being back is a big selling point for me. Never got the chance to see him live. I’d love to ask him Prince questions although I never would because I’m sure he’s sick of them!


Lol! We did a double bill show with Maceo a few years back. Greg is a super nice guy, but I avoided the Prince questions. Hehe…

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