Parliament Funkadelic Re-issue on Vinyl

I listen to vinyl primarily. But getting good Pfunk on vinyl is hard. The re-issues are horrible. I bought re-issue of Trombipulation. Sounds like they pulled it from an 8 track tape. The Mothership connection. Same thing, Play back was sad. I wont go into me buying original pressings story. I would get kicked out this forum. Lets just say I had to file a complaint to the Facebook R&B records page and Discogs.

Giving up on Pfunk vinyl.

Yeah it’s difficult to know what sound quality you will get. I tried to compare the Maggot Brain re-issues, but it all depends on who you ask.

Would be great if we could get an audiophile type of release, then we would at least know that someone tried to make the best possible release. At a minimum sourced from the original tapes. And maybe even as a 45 RPM album or/and half speed mastered (but now I’m getting a little bit nerdy :smile:). The only p-funk 45 RPM “album” that I can think of is the vinyl in the Chocolate City - Live At Metropolis box set. Really nice done.

For anybody that haven’t heared about 45 RPM albums, you get better sound but shorter playback time. So usually you need two vinyls instead of just one. Found this great flipbook comparison explaining one reason why they sound better:

Think of it like drawing a flipbook: If you drew the same animation on 33 and 45 pages respectively, you’d have to flip your 45-page version quicker to get the same speed animation as the 33-page version, but the changes from page-to-page would contain more detail, making the animation considerably smoother. The higher the RPM, the greater the length of vinyl picked up by the stylus, and ultimately, the more accurate our sound reproduction becomes.