P-Funk or Funk CD site

I used to go to this site that sold P-funk CDs and I’m drawing a complete blank as to what the site was. I’m sure it’s gone by now, I used to be able to buy solo CDs from them. It wasn’t cdbaby, that I can remember for sure. I know I’m not being very descriptive at all. I do remember they used to sell computers too. Anyone have any ideas?

Could it perhaps be thefunkstore.com?

There’s some talk about that site on these two topics:

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@silentboatman So simple. I was drawing a complete blank on the title. Thank you, I appreciate it!


If you’ve bought from them in the past, then I guess you’re aware of their production values. Just be informed before buying!

In the past few months I have replaced all four of the CDs I bought from them, with the original P-vine versions because the quality from RFR was just intolerable. I’ve produced better fake CDs myself at home.

A few other things that he sells on that site I’ve downloaded off of soulseek to sample (Michael Hampton live in San Francisco is one example), and the sound quality of these recordings is so poor that no one should have ever thought to press them to physical media.