Heavy Metal Funkason

Are these two releases the same?

I mean I know they’re not the same. One original track was omitted to make room for a Live version of Maggot Brain, but other than that, are they the same recordings? It’s hard to say for sure as all the track lengths are 5-6 seconds off from the original release.

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Pretty much same thing. After the first one had run its course I think the distribution was lacking somehow, Hampton coordinated an exclusive deal with the shopkeeper over at thefunkstore.com, and they changed up a track or two for the Raw Funk imprint. Drip has a more underground guerilla vibe. Think of it as being akin to how the Dope Dogs CDs related to each other.

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So what version should one try to hunt down?

I read that some records from Raw Funk Records where released on CDr. Do you know if this is the case with Drip? Or maybe all releases from Raw Funk Records where on CDr… :thinking:

I ordered it already. I am expecting a CDR. But it’s still a somewhat official release, apparently. I don’t mind that much. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a re-recording. Those never stand up to the originals.

I’ve got em both over here but haven’t played nor looked at in years. Let me see if I can dig em out and get back 2 U.

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I received The Domestic Drip today. First matter of business, would someone mind sharing a track that they can confirm is from the Original Heavy Metal Funkason, so that I can compare to what I just ripped from The Domestic Drip? That way we can settle once and for all whether this is a new/alternate recording, or just a self-produced reissue of the original album.

Lastly, since it seems to fit here, the Funk Shop also sent along two “free gifts”. One was the Newburg sessions on CD (it’s just a homemade boot, great for someone who doesn’t have it on CD, but I do - albeit on the new blue-cover “live at MSG” release, not the actual Japanese CD).

The other was “George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic live in Switzerland 2001” on DVD. I’m skeptical about the origins of this show. The top left corner has a “Montreux Jazz Fest” logo (which you can barely read because the video quality is so poor) and the only time they were at Montreux was in 2004, according to Wikipedia.

The quality is bad. I mean, real bad. So incredibly pixelated, it looks like it was a .api file in 150x100 resolution scaled up to DVD format. You can’t tell it’s Garry Shider, but for the diaper. I know we are all interested in seeing videos of P-funk on stage, but this can’t even be in the 100 most essential video recordings of them. Awful. Who would want this? The audio is so bad I wouldn’t even want to rip it to add to my mp3 library.

But anyway, where is it from if not from Montreux Festival 2004? (coincidentally, I got that CD in the mail today, and they are not the same performance, and I’m inclined to trust the CD is correct since it matches the setlist on setlist.fm).

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Sorry to go back to RFR and TheFunkStore, both run by Darryl Moon

Some years back I made a somewhat large order with them.
Even though the site mentioned everything was on stock, it still took them 6 months, and several shipments.
They sent me several free gifts. Some of them really cool and some of them not so cool. A mix of CD and DVD’s. Some of the DVD’s were either in poor quality and/or a compilation of various YouTube videos from several tapers. Among others the mighty Bushtales from Dutchieland, with him not even knowing they used some of his videoclips.