Osmium cover photo location

Continuing the discussion from That guy that disappeared from the Osmium cover (but came back):

Regarding the location of the Osmium cover photo, I read that it’s from High Park in Toronto. And after some investigation I’m pretty sure it’s Hillside Gardens (that’s located in High Park). To be more precise, it’s exactly right here. :slight_smile:

Here’s some images from that place.

The postcards are from the 1950s/1960s. Do you see the juniper tree (or whatever it is) to the right on the first image? It’s also visible on the cover! And on the newer photos you can see the two trees that’s also on the cover.

And lastly here’s a newer 360 google photo of that place.


Haha, nice detective work there! Your next mission-- location of Mothership Connection cover photo.


Yeah, would be interesting to know what street/building that is on the back cover of Mothership Connection.

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I was joking about the front cover, but yeah, you’re right, finding that street would really be something…

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