New WOO - Wave from the WOOniverse

Org Music / Loantaka Records will release this 2LP album with new Bernie material on RSD 2024 (April 20).


The tracks on this album are originally unfinished Bernie-tracks, that different artists played on and completed. It will apparently also include an unreleased Funkadelic track called Contusion. Really interesting! I wonder what year it’s from.

Here’s the tracklist.

A1 Intro (Reflections on a Bird)
A2 Distant Star - feat Jerry Harrison
A3 What Have they Done to My Funk - feat Bootsy, Michael Moon Reuben, Ouiwey and Buckethead
A4 Heapin’ Bowl of Gumbo - feat Leo Nocentelli, Fred Wesley and Stanton Moore

B1 Re-Enter Black Light (Phase II) - feat Sean Ono Lennon
B2 The Big WOO - feat Fred Schneider, Marco Benevento and Steve Scales
B3 Greenpoint - feat Steven Bernstein

C1 Soldiers of the Stars - feat Daru Jones and Eric McFadden
C2 When The Rain Subsides - feat Will Calhoun
C3 Pedro WOO - feat Mike Watt
C4 Contusion (Funkadelic)

D1 Transcendence - feat Marc Ribot and Norwood Fisher
D2 Wave From the WOOniverse - feat Miho Hatori

It will cost $45. It’s a ‘RSD First’-release with a quantity of 2000. RSD First means that it may be released to other retailers in the future.

I could only find it on the US record store day site, so don’t know if it’s an only-US-RSD-release or if it will drop later in Europe…

Here’s links to orgmusic and recordstoreday.


Wowzers! Amazing. How much more unreleased Bernie music could there be. The guy was so prolific and featured on so many recordings while he was alive, I’m still shocked that it’s 8 years after he died and we’re seeing completely new recordings seeing the light of day. We are blessed. What a time to be alive.

I won’t be buying this, and probably won’t even have an opportunity to buy it. But I’m certainly excited to see it come out on CD or at least in digital form. My most anticipated release of the year, I’m sure.


He recorded so much it’s crazy :slightly_smiling_face:. On Bernie’s fb page it says “more ways to listen will be coming around after”. So yeah, CD or digital.

I really like the cover. It’s by Raeghan Buchanan that also made the awesome book The Secret History of Black Punk.


Just got halfway through this album…wow! I had high hopes & they have been exceeded. This might be my favorite Bernie release.

The only disappointing thing is its not on purple vinyl.


I also really like it! Was worried it would be too eclectic, a mashup of too many styles, but that’s not the case. It flows really nicely. Was also positively surprised that it had Mobile Fidelity type of inner sleeves. Feels like they’ve thought about the details.

The ones I like the most (at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:) is Intro (Reflections on a Bird), Re-Enter Black Light and the title track. The title track makes me think of early hiphop beats.

For y’all that haven’t got it yet, it doesn’t say on the record from what year the Funkadelic track is from. But it sounds like an early Funkadelic jam. 3 minutes with Eddie, Billy, Tiki and Bernie. Nice stuff!


I went out a bought this early Saturday morning and listened to it the rest of the day. It’s just one hard funk bomb after another. Man there are some serious grooves on here.