Wave From The WOOniverse CD shortly coming

The " Wave From The WOOniverse " CD from Bernie Worrell will release on Aug 16th, 2024 and the digital streaming media will arrive on June 28th 2024.


sweet! any idea where/if i can pre-order somewhere?

And do not miss this week’s episode of Rickey Vincent’s A History Of The Funk on KPFA…the whole show is dedicated to Bernie & the Wave from the WOOniverse album…

About 1 hour in, there’s an interview with Evan Taylor, the album producer, who tells about how the album came together, plus there’s Judy Worrell…amazing music & lots of news.


I shall be streaming this weekend!!
Thanks for the heads-up.


Just listened to it!! Dope stuff! I think my favorite track so far is Pedro WOO. Also it’s interesting how When the Rain Subsides is a new mix with vocals of In Pursuit from '97s Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey. Not sure which version I like better. Also the beginning of Transcendence kinda sounds like the Clones prelude haha


It’s possible to pre-order it from bandcamp and directly from orgmusic. It’s also up on Juno Records.

Seems like the CD got another cover. I wonder why.

Ha ha didn’t make that clones connection, but I hear it now!

Seems to be a lot of Free Agent references. Besides When the Rain Subsides, that you pointed out, Transcendence got parts from AfroFuturism. And then there’s also of course Re-Enter Black Light .