New (possible) Bootlegs incoming

The rather dodgy Trading Places label is releasing 2 more coloured vinyl live P-Funk All Star albums next month. They previously put out a RSD (how they managed to make it seem legit I don’t know) release in 2020, ‘Make My Funk The P-Funk’,

which consisted of tracks from the ‘Live…and Kickin’ album:

and I’ve a feeling the new releases may be rehashes from the same source. They’re being stocked at Forced Exposure in the US, also in the UK

The promo notes claim the tracks were recorded in Chicago. Anyway if you really need more splatter vinyl, go ahead, but buyer beware… :face_with_monocle:


I was just about to post about it. :smile:

Exactly, probably tracks from Live and Kickin. There was some talk about that ‘Make My Funk The P-Funk’ 2020 vinyl here.

Live in Chicago 1989 / The PFunk Power

The thing that is extra crazy about the second one is that it has the same logo as . That’s kind of strange, right?

Made a table to make it easier to see the connection between Live and Kickin and the Trading Places records :wink: . So the tracks from the Live in Chicago 1989 record is defensively not from Chicago and not from 1989.

Live and Kickin Make My Funk Chicago 1989 PFunk Power
Cosmic Slop x
Bop Gun x
Standing On The Verge x
Funk Gettin’ Ready… x
Funkentelechy x
Give Up The Funk x
Let’s Take It To… x
Good Love x
Maggot Brain x
Make My Funk The… x
Flashlight x
Aquaboogie x
Atomic Dog x
Mothership Connection x
Pepe The Pill Popper x
Let’s Get Satisfied x
Ain’t Nuthin’ But… x
State Of The Nation x
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What a mess! I see all these releases say they are licensed from Prestige Elite Records, so maybe they are a legit budget outfit, licensing out recordings, and I’m being unfair saying they’re bootlegs.

The P-Funk logo thing is odd though…at worst it’s a copy & paste job.

The albums do seem to be competitively priced, but they’re not exactly enhancing anyone’s legacy…!