New mutiny album out

We at REGROOVED RECORDS proudly present together with Jerome Brailey aka Black Hat Daddy aka Captain Hymbad:

Mutiny - Black Hat Daddy & The Silver Comb Gang (ReGrooved Records | RG-010)

JEROME BRAILEY funk drummer and former member of George Clinton’s PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC is most famous for co-writing PARLIAMENT’s 1976 gold hit single “Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Of The Sucker)". But thanks to poor management, in 1978 he and several other members mutinied and left the group. That same year Jerome gathered his own crew, dubbed them MUTINY, and issued two classic funk albums on Columbia Records: “Mutiny On The Mamaship” (1979) and “Funk Plus The One” (1980). A third album entitled “Black Hat Daddy & The Silver Comb Gang” was scheduled for release on Jerome’s own label J.Romeo in 1981 but, due to unforeseen circumstances never saw an official release, although a handful of tracks were included on MUTINY’s 1983 album “A Night Out With The Boys”.

So now, Jerome Brailey & Regrooved Records proudly presents the original mixes and line-up for the true 3rd and unreleased 1981 MUTINY album “Black Hat Daddy & The Silver Comb Gang”.

Side A

  1. Black Hat Daddy & The Silver Comb Gang

  2. How’s Your Loose Booty?

  3. Just Want To Know

  4. Electric Hot Dog (Red Hot)

Side B

  1. Funk ’N’ Roll (Funk Rock)

  2. Child Support

  3. Hand Maid (Old Lady Mine)

  4. I Want A “Raise”

• Black Vinyl Edition

• Limited Gold Vinyl Edition

• Limited J. Romeo Black Vinyl Edition

• Limited Edition 7”with the previously unreleased tracks

Black Hat Daddy (edit) bw Child Support (Instrumental ) (Special Green J.Romeo Labels)

Release: May 2023


Excellent! The cover looks really great. :100:

A couple of questions :grin:

  • How many copies will the limited editions have?
  • Is the 7” included in the J. Romeo black vinyl edition or will it be sold separately?
  • Is the green J. Romeo label in the same style as this label:

Thanks man, yes we wanted to created a cover that fired the style and timeframe from the early 80s the concept was made by Jerome and us

The j Romeo version will be sold as a album and a 45 together. Same style label as the one you know and will have only 100 copies linter edition

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Gatefold and analogue remastered. Nice!

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Do you guys like the artwork? We wanted to have that same look and feeling as the first mutiny albums. specially the first one. …to get Jerome back at the beach again :slightly_smiling_face:
Jerome was invilved in the creation of the sleeve. it was his concept


The J.Romeo version is gonna be special. with a real J/Romeo 45 label as a bonus

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I really like the brown/yellow/gold color theme of the cover. And I noticed just now that the mothership is in the background, like on the first album! Doh sorry I mean the mamaship. :grin:

Jerome Brailey and ReGrooved Records presents:
MUTINY - Black Hat Daddy & The SIlver Comb Gang on the original J.ROMEO label from 1981!! Special Limited Edition!! (100 copies only) next to the regular gold and black vinyl

It’s possible to preorder it at Juno and Light In The Attic. The release date (according to those sites) is June 30.

I’m waiting with my preorder to see if it shows up on any other European store, like hhv. @Arno_Konings, do you know if they will sell it? Or even better if you know of a dutch store. Or if it’s perhaps possible to get it directly from the label. :slightly_smiling_face:

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from end of may any dutch record store should have it or can order it. that counts for all european record stores. in the US distributions goes from LITA


At last it came! The album is great. The title track is the bomb! Lots of pfunk references, like No Compute, If You Don’t Like The Effect… and Jimmy’s Got A Little Bit Of Bitch In Him.

The bonus 7" has an edit of the title track and an instrumental version of Child Support. Really glad they added that instrumental version. Child Support and Hand Maid (Old Lady Mine) seems to be the same as on A Night Out With The Boys. But Raise and Just Want To Know are other versions.

The only track I can’t seem to get into is Funk’n’Roll (Funk Rock):slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks man. Glad you like it. was a lot of work but really great the way it came out. We really worked very close with Jerome himself to get it out as it was suppose tobe released in 1981. The tracks are the original mixes and version and lineup as the way it was planned in 1981. yes that 45 is a special bonus. we thought it was cool to ad that 45 to the Limted edition ones. first 45 on j romeo


@Arno_Konings Great job! It arrived last week but I’ve only just had the chance to give a proper listen. Thanks for getting this out there.

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What version did you get?

I just got the standard black vinyl pressing. Sounds great.

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Still waiting on my gold LP version. Keep getting shipping delayed emails.

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just go to discogs, there are a bunch for sale now

thanks man, yes we did a lot on the mastering. paid of very well
jerome was very very happy with the mastering

Will there be a CD version?