Identifying the members of Mutiny

While waiting on the upcoming Black Hat Daddy release I started listening to some other Mutiny records and I realised that I don’t know who all the members are. Could y’all help me identify them? Like in these images.

Jerome is the one in the middle of course, but I’m unsure about the others. Maybe it’s Lenny Holmes far right (on both images).

Looking at the first two albums, these five persons show up a lot. So I think it could be them on the images.

  • Jerome Brailey (drums)
  • Skitch Lovett (guitar)
  • Lenny Holmes (guitar)
  • Raymond Carter (bass)
  • Nat Lee (keyboards)

Then we also have the horn players:

  • Darryl Dixon (horns)
  • Marvin Daniels (horns)
  • Melvin El (horns)

Other credits on the first two albums are:

  • Kenni Hairston (keyboard)
  • Dave Watson (horns)
  • James Hockaday (bass)
  • Darryl Jones (bass)
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First photo, L to R: Raymone Carter, Skitch Lovett, Jerome Brailey, Nat Lee, and Lenny Holmes.

Second photo, L to R: Raymone Carter, Nat Lee, Jerome Brailey, Skitch Lovett, and Lenny Holmes.

Hope that helps.

-Dr. Spank


Excellent. Thanks!