New Ligedelic live album with Blackbyrd

Lige has released a new Ligedelic live album! It’s from that European tour he did with Blackbyrd back in 2019. You can get it over at They also have some other Ligedelic merch as well. And you get 20% off today on black friday if you use the promo code BFF20. :tada: :tada:

Ligedelic - Mothership Connection - Live Sessions

It’s a 2 disc numbered digipack with a 12 page booklet. No vinyl. Besides Lige and Blackbyrd, there’s also Fabrice Lerigab on drums and Stéphane Le Navelan on keyboards.


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So I had it a couple of weeks now. At first I wasn’t so pleased with the fact that it’s a CD-R (or at least I think it is), but it sounds great and the packaging is amazing. So I don’t mind anymore. :slight_smile:

It’s not really easy to see on the images, but the CDs don’t just look like small vinyl records, they’re also embossed so you can feel the “grooves” and the label. Really nicely done! Great work @Pwine!


Thanks silentboatman for your post. Great to hear you like the cd.
As we wanted to keep the vinyl stile on the cds we produced them as CD Duplication to keep the style.

If you would like duplicated discs you can have a coloured base however if you’d like replicated CDs the base will need to be silver (you can still have colour on the top)

There isn’t really a huge difference at all between duplication and replication, it’s just the way they are produced. Duplication is the process of burning information onto a blank disc and replication is the process of burning the exact information of the original CD onto a blank CD (think of the differences between a printer and a copy machine).

Replication is the process of creating a glass master and stamper of your data (CD Audio, CD-Rom, DVD video) then injection moulding the discs using that stamper. If you buy a shop from the supermarket it would be replicated!

If you need to, you can read about duplication and replication in further detail on our website below: