Ligedelic with Blackbyrd - Europe tour 2019

Lige and Blackbyrd will make a couple of dates in Europe in November 2019. Looking good! So far there are dates in Rumania, France, Belgium and Switzerland. I really hope they’ll add Swedish dates!

And here’s a clip!

Thank y’all I love it hope he brings it to the states.

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We will be back soon! LIGEDELIC Mothership Connection Swiss Chocolate Tour 2019 Limited Live Album will be out soon!

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@silentboatman to add Swedish dates for upcoming tour - please let me know the right places to contact so we can funk Sweden:
Thanks and keep the funk alive

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Dog Star. Awesome! Yeah, I heard he was planning to release a live album. Will check Will it be possible to get it from that page?

I’ll send you the contact info to great venues/clubs in Sweden. They’re all closed right now, but hopefully they’ll be up and running soon again.

thank you @silentboatman we are currently planing new tours in Europe … dont miss it and send the right places to land the mothership to or thx