Mutiny - 'A Night Out With The Boys' vinyl reissue

Just sharing in case anyone missed it and is interested. Mutiny’s 3rd album “A Night Out With The Boys” is getting its 1st vinyl reissue. There’s a link below to the Light in the Attic store. There’s also some variants at Vinyl Me, Please and at Zia Records.


I missed that info :slightly_smiling_face: . That’s great news! A good copy of the original LP is really expensive.

All the versions looks great, but I still think I’ll go with the plain black one. The black vinyl and the label really match the cover. But then again, that VMP release looks pretty cool.

Light In The Attic - Clear

Light In The Attic - Black

Light In The Attic - VMP

Light In The Attic - ZIA

The clear one was out of stock before I found out about it. I went with the Zia exclusive. By the time I added in shipping it was only a few dollars more. I’m really excited this is getting reissued.

I saw it was being reissued a while back on the Eddie Hazel FB page. I really doubt that it is cut from tape, so I asked the if it was on the labels fb page!!! Ha! Somebody had to do it!!!

Great. Let us know if you get any answers! I guess if it were from tape, they would mention it in their info.

I hope I’m wrong but I reckon if Jerome still had the tapes to an album he produced himself and released on his own label he wouldn’t have waited this long to rerelease it.

Ha! Told ya maan!

That’s too bad. I wonder how it sounds.

Not as good as the tracks I have ripped from my original vinyl ha! Seriously though I imagine it will sound pretty good. With today’s technology most vinyl remastering comes out sounding pretty good!!!

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