Mothership connection in surround sound 5.1

Found this dude on telegram who converts multitrack recordings to multichannel mixes for home theaters. He posted this two days ago, and it has an extra 2 minutes. This mix is absolutely amazing. Here is the link for the track.


Hey you’ve got something white on your nose there blood


This mix is nutts. I’ve had it two days and have played it nonstop.

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What a find! Thanks for sharing it! :metal:t4::metal:t4:

Wow! I will need to figure out how to play a FLAC file in 5.1 on my system. I find surround mixes very interesting. Though I don’t have quad LP hardware/decoders, I have a number of SACD and DTS multichannel titles by groups like Sly & The Family Stone, Ohio Players, Maceo Parker, EWF, etc. Now the streaming services are putting out a lot of titles in Atmos surround as Apple promotes their ‘spacial’ headsets, etc. including some surprising conversions of quad releases from back in the day (New Birth’s ‘It’s Been A Long Time’ as a random example). Regretfully, I believe there were no Parliament Funkadelic quad releases with discreet mixes. There was a quad 8 track release of ‘Cosmic Slop’ but it was done with post processing of the stereo mix.

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I don’t believe there were a y quad mixes either besides Cosmic Slop, and that is a disaster.
The guy who made this mix has a channel on telegram where he posts all his mixes. He does some really nice work. As far playing it goes, my Denon receiver thats 7 channel dolby hd atmos and I stream it from my phone to the receiver. It sounds amazing.

Simply Beautiful! Bootsy up front! and Bernie right there!!

Bernie kills it that last minute. I have the 16 track masters for this song and to hear them isolated is amazing. I can share a link to them if you want them.


Damn. I had NO IDEA all these years until now of what Bootsy & Bernie is actually playing. Is he adding anything other than what is already there?
Also, can I send him a request?

Could I have it? I’m looking to make a remix

I’d appreciate a link as well:)

Here is the link to the song.

The guy who does these mixes is on telegram. His channel is sweet discrete surround sound.
He also has atomic dog in 5.1

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There is an extra 2 minutes included in this mix. The last minute Bernie just goes nuts. It’s almost the entire session mix.

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Here is the link. Use rar to open it. All 16 tracks are included. The claps are amazing. And listen to the end of the lead vocal. There is great stuff here.


Thank you so very much :pray:t2:

I thank ye!

I never realized until listening to this just now that Lunchmeataphobia is a variation on Swing Down Sweet Chariot.

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Yup! ‘Cosmic Slop’ grew into ‘Lunchmeataphobia’, which the band played live years before it was released. Lunchmeataphobia, in turn, became the vamp of ‘Swing Down.’


Thanks! You wouldn’t happen to have stems for any other P-Funk songs, would ya?

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