Mothership connection in surround sound 5.1

Is it necessary to download Telegram to open files?


No you don’t need Telegram. Just unzip (or unrar) it. It’s also possible to drag it directly to vlc.

Feels like you’re right there in the studio. I suppose they first recorded the band playing/jamming and then used the same track to record the lead rap (right?).

Yeah, that party group claps is amazing. Nice to hear Bootsy as well.

Amazing. How did I miss this. I heard this for the first time today and played it 20 times so far. You can hear where George muted the tracks on the album version. How did he get the master tapes?

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I don’t know how he got the masters. The guy that mixed this says there is a collector who has tons of l funk multi track masters but won’t share them. There are few but not many. Earlier today I stumbled upon Atmos mixes of Bootsy’s anthology, Parliaments gold album and funkadelics greatest hits 76-81. The Bootsy and Parliament Atmos mixes are amazing. The funkadelic album is mediocre.

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Do any of those other Atmos mixes contain extended music like the Mothership Connection one?

No these are these album versions just mixed in Atmos

Thnaks so much for sharing the Mothership 5.1 mix. That gives a tantalising glimpse of what could be. I’ve hoped for immersive P-Funk for years.

The Atmos mixes of Bootsy’s Anthology and Parliament Gold sound like a dream. Do they fold down well to 5.1 (not always the case)? And where can I find them?

Many thanks.


If you have telegram there are some channels on there that post a lot of Atmos mixes. The 5.1 mix of mothership connection is also from telegram. His channel is called sweet discreet surround mixes. There are 5.1 version of atomic dog, funking for fun and knee deep on there. He does some amazing mixes.