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Don’t think there’s any video of the P at Sugar Shack 1972 (not out in the wild anyways). But would love to see that! :slight_smile:

Take 5 is damn good on standards too.

Improvisario is a masterpiece in my opinion , I love Bernie


I’ve got 74& 75 at the Sugarshack , 75 has the best version of goose I’ve ever heard , & I think it’s Bigfoot’s first gig as a member .

Hi :slight_smile:

Fred here, 44 y.o., French living in Berlin, P-funk fan since the early 90’s (thanks to their Prince connection, I’m a big Prince fan as well), currently working as a freelance proofreader and copywriter :slight_smile:


Hi there

greeting from germany :wave: :grinning:


Hey @FFGap, I remember you from way back! :grinning: :metal:t4:

Hello from Oregon


Funk Hooray!!!

A real blast to read you here… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Maggotron here… also known as James,
Greetings everyone.
Blown away by PFUNK in 9th grade when listening to PFunk ( Wants to get funked up) and George went on about Easter Island and the Pyramids in the lyrics.
Absolutely hooked . Studied and absorbed everything about them that I could and used it in my development as a producer and recording artist.
They were at their peak when I was in High school and I spent many many hours with headphones on and album cover opened P-Zoning out :slight_smile: Opening my mind so that I could fly.


Great that you found your way the the forum. Welcome!

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Hi all,
Soon to be 40 year old Swede here! Just a few years deep in P-Funk but almost 30 years deep in G-Funk. A few years ago I decided to look up all the samples from all the records I’ve been lovin since I was a kid. Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg all made it easy for me to get hooked on the pure uncut funk - the bomb!

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Hey @PeterGiggs, great to see you at the forum!

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Hello from Oregon!

Just noticed you are from Oregon too.We could be neighbors!

Hey Everyone
Stumbled across the forum a weeks back and love the discussion going on.
My name is Gary, I’m Scottish, currently living in Bavaria. Been into P-Funk since the early 90’s. Seen the Mob and Bootsy a few times in the 90’s. Currently on a long overdue deep dive back into things


Hey Oreos , now I’m in Vancouver Washington , I was born and raised in Portland , even if we’re not next door neighbors , we’re still neighbors enough , my name is James . Sorry it took so long to respond. We got some hot days coming up so stay cool .