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Just an idea: I thought it would be nice if people had a space to say HI and introduce themselves.

I’m Dan, 40 years old and from Germany. My P-Funk journey started around 1988/89 when I discovered a few records that should change my life. First concerts in 1991, and seen the mob almost 30 times since then (plus a good number of related shows… Bootsy, Amp, SociaLybrium, Maceo and Fred of course, etc.).

I used to be “Dizcipline” on the old One Nation Board Room (some might remember, gosh, that’s already a good while ago), and you’ll find me on facebook as “Dan Wooridge”.

Runnin’ a few other projects P-Funk/internet wise, but that’s still work in progress.

I’m married with two small kids, a sociologist in my professional life, and an avid record collector. Collecting and archiving (not only, but in particular) all kinds of P-Funk recordings, memorabilia and stuff since three decades.

Very happy to be here, and looking forward to meeting new and old funkateers!



Great idea!

Just like Dan, I’m also 40, have two small (but getting bigger) kids and a wife :smile: . But I live in Sweden. I started listening to P-Funk in the early 90’s. One of the first P-Funk records I got was the first Funkadelic record. I remember asking an older friend if it could be an original. Looking at it now, I see that the following is printed on the backside: “Also available on CD”. Doh!

I was also on that old (that’s the old old) One Nation Board Room. Remember that black, red and white theme? Way back, I also made a site called the P-Funk Tour List. Last time I update that was around 2001 I think…

First P-Funk show was 1996 in Stockholm. P is the Funk!

Nice to be here and meet airbody! :sunglasses:

I’m Swang from NYC. Professional musician and music producer. Been lucky to travel the world with a lot of great people playing funky music. I even got to play keys and guitar with the legendary Shuggie Otis for 4 tours. At one point, Blackbyrd was our guitarist.

Currently, I’m producing a lot of great young artists in the recording studio. Additionally, I’m playing keys and singing lead vocals with The Family Stone (yes, THAT Family Stone). We’re performing all across the world and having a blast! Come see us!

My father introduced me to the Mob in the late 70s. “Motor Booty Affair” is the first album I ever heard in my life. Been in love with this music ever since. All these years later, still and ever funkin…

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Hi everybody, I am TomatoTom from Soulful Detroit!!!

I am first and foremost a massive fan of Motown and Soul music, but also Funk,
including and especially P-Funk!

I am a bit of a young-un, but I love old school music, and although my experience and knowledge of the stuff can be a bit limited, I am willing to learn!!! I am really only familiar with Parliament and Funkadelic when it comes to P-Funk, but I’m sure that will change soon. :sunglasses:


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Welcome @TomatoTom123, great to see you here!

Tim Kinley here. P-Funk historian and archivist. Will always share what I can.

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Somebody said there’s a party goin’ on up in here! :metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4:

Hi everyone! Came to the forum based on someone posting about it on, and created an account right away. Its a damn shame there isn’t more of a P-Funk community online, but nevertheless I’m quite thrilled someone took the initiative and started a new forum for us fans.

Im Kyle, 32, from the Northeast (NJ to be exact). I had been a casual PFunk fan for quite some time (only really knowing the big time singles), but then I became a super fan about 10 years ago once I immersed myself in the mothership’s universe. It still amazes me to this day how incredibly goddamn deep, consistent and rich their catalog is (“their” meaning the main Parliament and Funkadelic records, the solo albums, the Brides, etc.). What’s everyone think of the new one? I have to admit, my expectations weren’t too high since I thought Shake The Gate was very much a mixed bag. But man, Medicaid blew my wig back. I was NOT prepared for that level of dopeness. Its an amazing way to bow out for George in terms of recorded output.

Anyway, over the moon glad to be here, and I very much look forward to chopping it up with you all in the near future. Let’s all refuse to be blue!

Welcome airbody! :sunglasses::metal:t4:

Hey kyle I had no idea that Parliament had released a new album! Definitely something I need to check out. The title sounds absolutely mental! :smile:

Hi all. Fan since 1977. Was on the old one nation board. Glad to see someone took the initiative to kick this one off.

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Welcome to the forum @Biminiroad !

My name is Matthew Toy. I’m probably Facebook friends with many of you. I was also “SpaceFunk” in the One Nation board room. I’m also 40. I got into P-Funk when I was 14/15. I was a big rap guy back then and I seemed to gravitate towards the songs with the P-Funk samples more than the JB samples. One day GC was in town for a show and the evening dj on the local urban radio station was a fan and played a lot of the classics that night. I didn’t know them in their original form but recognized them. Couldn’t believe the same people made all those songs. I was hooked immediately. It was around the time kids at school were discovering music outside of the top 40 charts or MTV. Beatles, Zeppelin, Ozzy, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, Doors, etc. No one claimed the P so I gladly did and became the “funkmaster” of my school. A few years later I was told to go to the Degobah system to meet Larry “Funkster” Jones to complete my training. Not a ton of internet in the mid 90s so I was lucky to be in Pittsburgh or else it would’ve taken forever to find all that music.

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@SpaceFunk Welcome! :metal:t5:

Hi guys, new member from the UK (Essex - not far from London) 40, into pfunk thanks to prince, James Brown and a documentary by an English comedian, Lenny Henry back in the early nineties - first sight of bootsy blew my mind! Claim to fame - maceo played just for me and my brother during a sound check when we were the only ones in the venue. during the same gig he asked the crowd how old we were - I was 14 and letting Maceo know - my bro was telling me to be quiet as it was a 18 yr old only venue and the security were going to turf us out!


I was a very occasional poster to One Nation too - I think I was just Tel on there!

@Aeltel What a great story! Was it the Maceo gig at the Camden jazz cafe?

The forum in Kentish Town I think (or maybe the grand in Clapham?) - back when he was touring with Fred and Pee Wee - those were some fantastic gigs!

Funky greetings everyone. My name is Steffen and I am 44 years old.

My artistname is Steffen MotherFunkin.
If You hear P Funk Radio from time to time, You will hear the mash ups and remixes I have made in collaboration with Danny Bedrosian, Lige Curry, Kim Manning, OctavePussy, C.L.O.N.E a.o.

My P Funk journey began just like with Spacefunk with Hip Hop. I also gravitated more to the tracks where P. Funk was sampled without knowing full well what P. Funk was at the time, other than the credits of samples You could read from the covers to the various Hip Hop albums.

Met a friend in the early 90s that just had begun collecting P. Funk, and when visiting him it was awesome to hear the tracks that was sampled from. That’s how it began slowly.
What won me over completely and started collecting P. Funk was an evening at my friend’s place after smoking a big ass joint and listening to Zapp !!!. When we got to I Can Make You Dance I was completely won over, and has collected th P in all its various forms.

Like many of You I was also in the One Nation Board Room, but can’t remember what I was called in there back then.

One of my proudest moments has to be working with Danny Bedrosian. After he had heard some of my mash ups, he asked if I would do a couple of those of his music. That was back in 2012. Jump forward to 2016 where Danny released a whole album of mash ups and remixes I had done for him.
It consists of the music Danny has done himself and some of the other artists that were released on Dannys Bozfonk Moosick.label.
The album has only been released digitally and can be bought at various webpages like CDBABY.COM and Amazon to name a few. Just search for Danny Bedrosian and MotherFunkin


Hey Everyone

I’ve been following the forum for quite a while so I thought I’d come on board. I’m a knee deep P-Funkateer in my fifties, based in New Jersey. I’m a web developer, word game and puzzle enthusiast, and budding Kindle author. I love classic soul, funk, R&B, old school hip hop, jazz, house, acid jazz, some reggae, and gospel. However, my friends and loved ones will quickly tell you how deep I am into the P-Funk as a collector and a concert goer.

I love good conversation about music so funk on, everyone! :smiley:

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