Meadowbrook 1971 recording -- thoughts on best version to get?

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I need to obtain this — mostly because it’s disappeared from the streaming offerings on Amazon Unlimited…and everywhere else I’d checked, even places I don’t subscribe to (Spotify, Apple Music). I used to have it, along with almost every other Funkadelic and Parliament album (and related band member solo albums) downloaded in my Amazon account, as I played it pretty regularly. But some months ago, that album + a bunch of other ones that I understand are involved in one of George Clinton’s legal disputes, went “poof” from their holdings. There were also versions of albums like Maggot Brain, Let’s Take it to the Stage, etc that had all these extra digital tracks – all those albums went away at the same time, so that only the “base” album version (i.e. no extra tracks) is on there…and the U.S. Music with Funkadelic disappeared too, but the one that REALLY smarted was losing Meadowbrook.So, it’s time to just buy it outright…so, it seems to exist on CD and also a more limited version of vinyl. Anyone who has heard both, or just has heard ABOUT both, who can offer opinion on which would be best to get? I’m a child of the 70s who grew up around vinyl, so I have a lot of it already, but started buying new stuff on CD in the late 80s…for the past 8 years or so I mostly listen to music digitally, thru Amazon or various sound files, thru my iPhone and headphones, so I could go either way — either the CD or the record. Bought a new turntable a few years ago and have been starting to buy vinyl again (mostly smaller non-major label bands on places like Bandcamp,etc), but unless ppl think the Meadowbrook vinyl sounds markedly better than the CD – or unless the CD just has some problems, like harshness, etc – I’d prob be inclined to just get the CD since its much more plentiful and a lot less $$. But again, if it’s worth it sound-quality wise, I’d go vinyl. I hear ppl complaining a lot about some modern pressings, but maybe these have been done well…I’d love to hear opinions on that, too. I do know there is some good extra liner note material with the vinyl version, too, that I’m not sure is even included (in smaller form, obviously) w/ the CD.
Thanks in advance! Yours in Funk–

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Damn, that’s a bummer about Amazon!

If you’re only gonna get one of them, I would go with the CD. I usually prefer the vinyl releases, but in this case I feel that CD is better for the flow of the show. Without flipping sides all the time :slightly_smiling_face: . Even if the vinyl looks nicer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To my ears, the CD sounds great. The CD and the vinyl got the same liner notes.

And if you get the first release of the CD (with the first cover), maybe you can help me with this old question that I never got an answer to. :smile:


I bought the cd. I wasn’t sorry. Some of the best Fuzzy moments I’ve heard.

I read the liner notes and whilst excellent - some great retelling by Billy - I couldn’t see anything in there about who mystery kid is. Sorry Boatman :pensive: