Man in the box - man vs machine

Anybody know when and how Clip got the nickname Man in the box?

As some of you know, back in the day pfunk used to have a drum machine (Rhythm King) that they called Man in the box. There are credits on Up For The Down Stroke and Chocolate City that’s probably a reference to that drum machine. But there’s also a Man in the box credit on Bubble Gum Gangster, Dope Dogs and The Foxxe Files. Does anybody know if that is references to Clip or to the drum machine?

There’s also a discussion on Discogs about this. Discogs Forum - "Man in the box" credit in P-Funk = Maestro Rhythm King machine ?

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Delighted to find he’d worked on 25 miles by Edwin Starr. Good work, Man in the box. :metal:

*citation needed but I’ll accept it on trust, Wiki.

Yeah, he talked about it on that Truth in Rhythm podcast. He was just a kid, stomping his feet or something like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well stomped that man. My favourite of his - against some pretty stiff opposition too. Must be the stomp :metal:

Still sounding strong after all these years!