How likely is it that AEIY includes the booklet?

I found an original pressing of America Eats It’s Young still in shrink wrap (unopened). Catalog number 2WB 2020, so either this one or this one.

The price was a little to high for my budget, €200 :sweat_smile:, so I didn’t get it. But since I really would like to have that AEIY booklet (as a lot of other people), I started to think about what the chances would be that it included one…

Does anybody know if it was included in a lot of the original releases? Or was it just a few of them that got it?

I wish the shrink wrap was opened so I could check. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the first version you posted, I got it second hand in the 90s but if it ever had the booklet it was long gone by then.
I’ve been under the impression that the booklet only came with some of the first pressings which makes sense as they seem pretty rare in the wild, much more so than the actual records themselves. I think it’s a real crapshoot if the sealed one would have it!

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