Hey Man Smell My Finger

I have a 2x vinyl promo in a plane white sleeve and I only noticed today that on one side of the label on each record there is a “Doctor Dre 39” stamp in black ink. Anyone else with one of these promo’s and if so do you have the same stamp, or do I have Doctor Dre’s copy?
Also anyone know how a picture of Peter,Valerie,John and not forgetting Shep the dog from Blue Peter (A childrens TV show from the BBC for the non Brits) ends up on the back of the sleeve of Dope Dogs

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That record is on my wantlist! I wish it gotten a proper vinyl release.

Neither the images on discogs nor this copy on ebay seems to have that stamp. I think that you perhaps have Doctor Dre from Yo! MTV Raps copy :smile: , he also has “39” on social media.



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