Dope Dog Tape circa 1995

Hi All ! :smiley:

I went to a Clinton & P-Funk Allstar Concert around 1995 in San Francisco. The band was selling tapes there. I bought one after the cosmic 2-6 a.m. jam.

The cassette tape contained nearly all additional remixes of “US Custom Dope Dog”. Very nice extended mixes, instrumentals, and dub. I think it was $5 then. I lost it in a move out of S.F. :scream:

Anyone else heard that tape and know of what I speak?
I miss that tape DEARLY. It was one on those non-stop, anytime, all play tapes!
I am trying to located where I could find it again in some form.

Thanks and greatly appreciated,
Jeff :sunny:

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I wish I could help you. I think I remember seeing that tape myself. I didn’t pick it up, but was always curious to what was on the tape.

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Was it this?

If so, I have the CD version of this release…


Yes nowhereisaplace ! :smiley:
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That is the one!
I live in Japan,
how do I get a hold of a CD of that, if its the same?
Thanks greatly,
Jeff :star_struck: :boom: :heartbeat:

eXilefunk, :smiley:
Thank you for your kindness !
Jeff :smile:

@nowhereisaplace , :smiley:
Jack I have looked everywhere to find a copy FLAC or CD,
I dont see a PM , Could you find it in you heart to WeTransfer a copy?
I will never forget you for such an act of kindness,
God Bless,
Jeff :smile:

There’s one copy of the CD version for sale over at Discogs. But don’t know if the seller ships to Japan. We talked a little about this release in this topic.

Great to see people living in Japan at the forum. Welcome!

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Thanks @silentboatman ! :smiley:
I will ck it.

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unfortunately, not available to Japan :frowning:
Thank you for your kindness in checking for me!
Jeff :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I remember this one. Somewhere in my archives I’ve got a tape of GC promoting it on Video Soul with Donnie Simpson shortly after it appeared.

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I have the CD version, which I also purchased at a P-Funk All Stars show circa 1994. I think this is the main way this title was released, so there are probably more copies in the US where they did more tour dates during this era.

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Hi @OooBooBeeDoop @Vampidemic :smiley:
Thanks for more on the CD!
Jeff :slight_smile:

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Hey sorry for the delay - can wetransfer you; I’ll have to dig it up, not sure I have the FLAC, but will check. I definitely have some format. I’ll DM you