Donnie Sterling & Tracey have collaborated in a new band

And I don’t know how it slipped past me as I really respect them both as musicians. This group has apparently been together for some time, they have an album on spotify.


And the album is on spotify…

Worth a listen? You decide…

As with all things Tracey, this may not hit you at first. But upon repeated listen I totally get it. Favorite is Ellie Mae.

Hey, me too. Great tune.

This record is a delightfully warped voyage into the twisted lyrical genius mind of one 3X nasty Tracey Lewis. I mean, Auntie? C’mon. This stuff is classic Trey Lewd.

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You got that right, man.

Hey OoobooBeeDoop, a while back you mentioned having a digital copy of Adventures of Trick Tracey - as a fellow true Trey Lewd appreciator i was wondering if you’d be willing (able?) to share it? Probably a more-than-cheeky request i know, and as you mentioned perhaps ethically questionable (?!) but i thought i’d ask anyway…

Is there a high quality download available to buy anywhere?

Its available as mp3 on amazon - I’m kinda hoping for flacs though