Donnie Sterling & Tracey have collaborated in a new band

And I don’t know how it slipped past me as I really respect them both as musicians. This group has apparently been together for some time, they have an album on spotify.


And the album is on spotify…

Worth a listen? You decide…

As with all things Tracey, this may not hit you at first. But upon repeated listen I totally get it. Favorite is Ellie Mae.

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Hey, me too. Great tune.

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This record is a delightfully warped voyage into the twisted lyrical genius mind of one 3X nasty Tracey Lewis. I mean, Auntie? C’mon. This stuff is classic Trey Lewd.


You got that right, man.

Hey OoobooBeeDoop, a while back you mentioned having a digital copy of Adventures of Trick Tracey - as a fellow true Trey Lewd appreciator i was wondering if you’d be willing (able?) to share it? Probably a more-than-cheeky request i know, and as you mentioned perhaps ethically questionable (?!) but i thought i’d ask anyway…

Is there a high quality download available to buy anywhere?

Its available as mp3 on amazon - I’m kinda hoping for flacs though

Been away awhile, came across this last month, a much better version of the album than the initial release in my humble, with previous standout track Ellie Mae joined by Thang Thang, Union Brain & Parliafunkadelicunionthang on my playlist. Check it out.


That Ellie Mae is outrageous 3X nasty Tracey. The whole album slams and is deserving of another listen tonight.

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Is this a completely redone album with new versions of the old songs, with some new ones added?

For whatever reason I cannot access this through the spotify link. Maybe due to location? I previously bought this in May 2020 on itunes but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else - just wondering if there’s a way to buy it (if it’s all new material) or another way to listen beyond just streaming it.

I think spotify is down right now

I checked them all out on youtube - looks like the 15 tracks on Re-flushit are as follows:

2 - exact duplicate from previous version (Auntie & Ellie Mae)
5 - remixes/remakes from previous version
8 - new, unique songs

I like them at first listen. very well produced. Nice and punchy.

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Both albums are still up there. Have not had the chance to analyze the differences but P-Funk City is much longer and it’s got more GC in it I think.

Track list for Re-FLUSH IT, which is purchasable through napster & (tho not to those of us in the UK, so grateful for its avilabaility on spotify :slight_smile: - with tracks 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 12 & 15 the standout cuts).

  1. P Funk City
  2. Flush It
  3. Party Me Up
  4. Knees
  5. Thang Thang (The Do over)
  6. That Stank
  7. Make a Deal
  8. Uncle Funk
  9. Union Brain
  10. Parliafunkadelicunionthang
    11.Funkin in Ma Sleep
  11. Aqua Booty
  12. Aquanet & Sista Giggles
  13. Auntie
  14. Ellie Mae

Wow! I was hanging for some new Treylewd and had been sleeping on these albums which are seriously funky. Also got me onto Binky Womack! Thanks!


Any idea who’s playing on this funkateers?

Hm, donno. Will check if I can find some contact info, so we can ask them. Welcome to the forum @tommo!

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Cheers @silentboatman. Excellent forum!

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I wuz mostly after the guitar- I’m pretty sure it’s Curtis Womack.

Can’t stop playing either version of the album - thanks lads. I may have to buy it/them.