Donnie Sterling & Tracey have collaborated in a new band

Was never able to get any info on that.

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Here’s the vocalists if nothing else…


Anthony Alexander
Binky Womack
Trey Lewd

Group vocals

Zeia Wilson
Donny Sterling
Ricky Monroe
Mustafa Womack
Lisa Eddings
Shirley Clinton
Yavasae Direll
Pandora Blake
George Clinton

I assume guitar and bass is Binky and Donny but.

I see they’re carrying on the noble tradition of not telling us nerds shit about who what where😀

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I am surprised I know some funkateers who are not feeling the album. I think it’s funky than a mugg.

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Party me up is a banger says this old fool. I can hear the little Prince in his geetar. Fly on Curtis. And whoever the piano man is at the end of it. :fire: :metal: