Bootsy? Dance parties?

Judging from his Facebook feed Bootsy seems to be, thankfully, in good health. But, given that he is only doing ‘dance parties’ do we have to assume that his touring days might have come to an end? Hoping that he is just taking an extended recovery and we’ll get boots on the ground again soon… anyone been to one of the parties?

This seems to have been coming for some time. At first he started hosting and MCing a few gigs in the early part of the 2000’s. I caught him at a Freekbass release party. Now it’s getting to the point that’s all he’s doing. I think he’s done touring, playing bass. I don’t think you will see a real Bootsy concert again. He’ll come out and hype the crowd, space bass nowhere in sight.

That’s a shame - but he never was a prolific tourer. I’ve only seen him 3 times in 20 odd years in the UK. GC you could rely on at least once a year!

To me here is how I feel about a Bootsy gig. He gets down for sure. A funky good time is had by all. But for me, once I see him, I’m not really drawn back to see him again. It’s not something that I’m motivated to do for a few years after. His show is by the numbers. You know what he’s gonna do, what he’s gonna play. He’s gonna wade out in the crowd and do ‘touch’ every time. There’s no suprises. Nothing changes. Yes he gives you the massive Rather Be With You bass solo, but I’ve had my fix.
Now George, I am motivated to see him every time he’s within a hundred miles or so. Yes you know somewhat what he’s gonna do but there is always a chance he’s gonna pull out a nugget, some obscure track. The show is more dynamic, it’s got more improvisational energy to it than a Bootsy gig.
In fact, I’ve only seen Casper live a handful of times. The ‘81 P-Funk tour. With Deelite about 1990. Again in ‘93 with RogerZapp opening. 2012 to support Funk Capital and a couple gigs on Mothership Reconnection tour of 1996. And I’m fine with that.
I’ve seen George over a hundred times and still geeked for more. I’m heartbroken over his impending retirement.

I have to confess, last time I saw bootsy I felt a little short changed - they arrived late and left early. Fun while it lasted but too short. I’m hoping that the band keep going without GC

Bootsy’s shows might be more generic, but personally I like them. He has such a great stage presence. I think it would be sad if he wouldn’t tour anymore.

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Interestingly enough I ran into Bootsy and had a brief conversation with him last week over at Razor’s wake, God rest his soul. I hope to continue conversation with him this Friday. A local vinyl shop is putting on an event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The House Guests and he will be there along with Frankie Ka$h.

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At least he’s still active with other projects

Your username is so dope ! Comin to you live from #1 Bimini road, downtown Atlantis

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Yeah, I’m looking forward of getting more of that Bootzilla Records Archives stuff.