Bootsy between AEIY and Up for the Downstroke

Further to that, what was Bootsy doing in the intervening year/s between America Eats its Young and Up For the Dowstroke?

JB’s —-> Houseguests—->Funkadelic——>?———>Parliament.

According to studio timelines, he did some more sessions with James…I guess that was enough to persuade him :joy:

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Now this is what I want to know. Weren’t the Complete Strangers coming up at this time? All I know is he said he dropped alot of acid during this time. Like every day for 2 years. Folks have always said Cosmic Slop is his bassline, I would like to know the tale on that too. I honestly don’t think there is anyone who will fill in the blanks.

Was aware of the houseguests stuff but not the Complete Strangers. Nice one :metal:

Yeah I think Complete Strangers is after the Houseguests. Me thinks. I think some of the story is explained in the liner notes on that vinyl they put out a couple years back.

Yeah, the Houseguests was before the Complete Strangers. They released the single Fun In Your Thang as “Bootsy Phelps and the Complete Strangers” in 1972, not sure if that was before or after they joined p-funk the first time. Probably after.

Between AEIY and Up for the Downstroke they also released Together In Heaven as “Bootsy Phelps And Gary”. That’s Together that was remaded on Chocolate City.

The liner notes on that My Mind Set Me Free vinyl don’t talk a lot about what happend after the Houseguests. But love that vinyl! If anybody missed it, here’s the topic on that album. The liner notes are there too. You can read them if you download and zoom in :slight_smile: .

I wasn’t aware that he did any session with James after that. What recordings did that end up on?

I think I was probably confused by the studio timelines/ release dates of some singles. I’m not sure that’s actually the case.

Soul Power 74 :smiley: Their stuff was laid down in 71.

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