420 funk Funk Mob / Cacophonic FM

Some stuff I came across while searching for the next-most P-Funk related CDs out there, and I don’t think they’ve been discussed much on this board if at all.

420 Funk Mob: Tripfest. One showed up on Discogs recently for an obscene price, and although I’d like the CD, I’m fine with the files for now. It’s on iTunes and YouTube. Based on the booklet on Discogs, looks like a really lo-fi, low budget production, probably an extremely short run. The audio tracks are from different shows, and are mastered at vastly different volumes, which makes for a frustrating listen. I did a lot of work smoothing out the levels so it sounds more like a professional live album.

420 Funk Mob: Alive in Spain. Much better recording. Almost completely different set list. Would be well worth getting, if there was a single person on the internet selling it. Looks extremely low budget though. From what I can tell, the cover is black and white. All tracks can be found online.

The Tripfest CD features Clip Payne, Lige Curry, Michael Hampton, Billy Nelson, Garry Shider, Andre Foxxe, Gabe Gonzalez, and seven tracks feature Dr. Funkenstein himself. I assume Alive In Spain has a similar or identical lineup.

On the Tripfest album, there are also songs credited to Cacophonic FM and Drugs (since there are so many overlapping members). There are two Cacophonic FM albums:

After the smoke cleared: tracks available online. I have only sampled a few tracks to make sure everything is on the one. I was satisfied, so I bought Discogs’ one and only cd copy at a very reasonable price. It sounds like a pretty straightforward modern funk album, kinda similar to Prescription for Mis-America. Features Lige Curry, Amp Fiddler, Mudbone Cooper, Clip Payne, Gabe Gonzalez, and one 34 second track features all five original Parliaments.

Fu(nc)k Jazz 2 (as funk mob Cacophonique): a really cool album. All kinds of styles but with a solid funk background. One of the most eclectic albums I’ve ever heard, actually. I downloaded all the songs but I would love to own this on CD. Features Clip Payne, Belita Woods, Danny Bedrosian, Lige Curry, Garry Shider and Michael Hampton.

Actually, I’d love to own all four of these on CD, so if anyone has any of these and fancies making some money or even greater value in a trade, let me know.

Just thought I’d bring these albums up since they seem as much P-funk related (or even more) than some of the stuff brought up in my “what should I buy next” thread. It seems they’ve flown completely under the radar.


Does anyone know why they went by the name 420 Funk Mob? George is present on the entire Alive in Spain set, and on 6 of the songs on the Tripfest discs, so if he’s there, along with a great deal of regular P-funk contributors, why aren’t they just called Parliament-Funkadelic or P-funk All Stars?

I mean I could completely understand if all of P-funk got together for some shows without George, they should be careful not to call themselves Parliament-Funkadelic without having the main attraction on stage, but when they do… why not use the name?

Anyway, now that I’ve had the chance to listen to both of these sets in full, I can definitely say that I highly recommend them, mainly because the setlists are so different compared to most other official and unofficial live releases. You won’t find any physical versions for under US$60, but they’re easy to get off youtube, or itunes if you feel like paying $20.

If I remember correctly, the “420 FM” name was donned to indicate that this was a “rogue” effort by George and crew to continue touring despite the fact that they weren’t getting funding from their label to do so. When I get some time I could look through George’s memoir to double check although there’s probably someone else on here who knows lol

The only time I can think of that they reference the “420 FM” name in their studio music is on the alternate version of Down Stroke on the 12" Collection & More where George says “they call us the Funk Mob, and ain’t it funky now?!”

I have the files for Tripfest and Alive in Spain downloaded I think from emusic.com many years ago, I see they are not on there now. Listened to them a lot and didn’t notice any issues with volume etc. so assume these were release quality similar to the CD (if you ignore the mp3 compression LOL). Not heard of the other two so will check them out. 420FM still play at regular intervals, I follow the Fbook account - never seems to be outside the States though :frowning:

Well since the 420 is billed as Parliament-Funkadelic on the “Off” days, I suppose it is a format that allows for more freedom in the setlist. I’ve heard GC say from the stage of a 420 gig “this ain’t my show”, so I’m gonna get down and go with it or something to that effect. May have something to do with $$ somehow too. The gigs are a little more gritty that a PFAS gig. Looser somehow, dirty, a lil raggedy, more trippy. Speaking of which that Tripfest is all over the place but…I’d put that version of Funky Dollar Bill on there up to anything.

Please forgive me if I’m stating something you all know already - but AFAIK it was James Brown who originally called them the Funk Mob

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Wow, now this is a tale I’ve never ever heard. Do tell. Please elaborate.

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Ugh, sorry I really don’t know why I think that. Its just something I’ve had in my mind for years… I guess I could have made it up :slight_smile: But I do vaguely remember an interview with Bootsy or someone like that where it was mentioned

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I was always under the impression it was a mix of pfunk musicians plus other from the Woodstock area(?) led by Mike Payne, No George required.

this is from their Facebook page. "420 Funk Mob is Parliament/Funkadelic front man Mike Clipadelic Payne’s solo project “one of the most versatile jam bands around, a Family Stone-meets-The-Dead vehicle that frees your mind – so that your ass, of course, can follow.”

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Yeah 420 is Clip’s thang.

Clip also talked (in Scott Goldfine’s show) about doing a 420 studio album. But that was back in October 2019. So maybe/hopefully we’ll get that post corona.

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