3GP's newest guitarist... thoughts?

Not incredible audio quality lol. His playing and mannerisms seem very reminiscent of 1989-era John Frusciante (Chili Peppers guitarist), who was also very inspired by P-Funk and could often be found shirtless :stuck_out_tongue:

I found this video on his instagram which he says is his “first work with Parliament-Funkadelic”. He says in his post previous to this one that he and Thurteen worked on it. Obviously you can hear Bootsy on there and I’m pretty sure that’s Garrett Shider on vocals. I don’t recognize this song at all, and unless there’s been some super secret 3GP release I didn’t hear about this must be unreleased, presumably for the album George has been talking about releasing soon but who knows, they’ve (3GP) seemingly all been workin’ on a bunch of stuff lately.

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I said the same thing he reminds me of a young frusciante. You can tell he likes his playing loud lol

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Just noticed that every image/clip above was been removed from insta. Here’s his insta account with similar content.



3GP guitarist posted this to a new instagram account he made recently. He says:

“Get hip to the new P! The Third Generation! We’re coming! The Mothership lands once again in 2021! @yolikegeorge @trazae #georgeclinton #parliament #funkadelic #3gpfunk #upnext #funk

while playing a guitar solo over Better By The Pound. I assume this means a 3GP album but who knows

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