Will 3GP eventually become Parliament-Funkadelic, or will they tour as 3GP?

I don’t see why they would not use the iconic name

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I feel like when there’s no one left that joined the band in the 70s, then 3GP would probably be more suitable. But I suppose they will still use Parliament-Funkadelic since it’s better known. At least on concert posters and stuff like that.

Or maybe they’ll spell it out (like Benjamin did) like Third generation Parliament-Funkadelic.

Interesting question. George has been talking about the grandkids taking over the band for a while now. To me, it seemed that he was determined to carry on the Parliament-Funkadelic name, but maybe he just meant the band in general. Either way it seems to me that 3GP and gang don’t necessarily want to just piggyback off of the notoriety of the Parliament-Funkadelic name, and want to distinguish themselves from it, while still making it clear that they are trying to carry on the P-Funk. And I can respect that. If I had to guess I’d say there’ll be plenty of mention of the Parliament-Funkadelic name in songs or artwork or what-have-you but that they’ll be rolling with the 3GP name for the most part.

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