Who's Meth? (Psychoticbumpschool)

On Bootsy’s Rubber Band’s Psychoticbumpschool when the band is introducing themselves, after “Maceo” someone says what sounds like “And I’m Meth”. Who’s Meth?


Great question! Don’t know, one of the Brecker brothers maybe? But I’m just guessing… :sweat_smile:

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Richard Griffith, perhaps? He’s the only one credited for the song in Danny’s book who doesn’t say anything (to my knowledge).

Thanks for the welcome. Yeah one of the Brecker brothers crossed my mind. Also maybe P-Nut or Frederick Allen. I believe they were with the Rubber Band then and not mentioned on the song. I don’t think it’s Kush since I don’t think he was with the Horns yet. And I don’t think it’s Razor since I don’t think he was with the Band yet. It could also just be some random person who was in the studio?

I don’t have Danny’s book. But on georgeclinton.com (https://georgeclinton.com/family/richard-kush-griffith/) it says Kush 1st appeared on “Ahhh … The Name is Bootsy Baby”. Not sure how accurate that site is though…


After Maceo, the next person to speak is Leslyn Bailey. She says, “And I’m Les.”

The Cincinnati-based singer was in Bootsy’s Rubber Band through the recording of the Stretchin’ Out album and then she disappeared from the scene.

Hope that helps.



Thanks! Of course. From Love Vibes. I don’t know why I’ve always heard Meth or assumed it was a man.

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I always heard “Meth” too! Les makes more sense

Awesome @Dr_Spankatronix!

I also heard “Meth”, but now I only hear “Les”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Catfish, mud-bone, Frankie, Rick, Maceo, Les, Friendly Fred and Casper…

Poor P nut :neutral_face:

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I’ve always heard “Beth” :joy:

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P-Nut wasn’t in the group yet. He joined after the record was done but before the tour started.