Which members of the MOB are your favorite (past / present)?


Man that’s too hard… but I’ll pic two anyway. The first one is a classic.

And the other one was always one of the highlights for me at he shows.

GG was the best man ever to call down the mothership. His voice was the perfect conduit of communication between “the one” and “you”. He was the Mothership Connection personified. RIP Glenn, may we always speak your name and keep your spirit alive. Fly On.

Ms Sativa is always super sexy and lookin naturally fly. Personally, I find her hilarious. I’ll explain: Firstly, the look on her face is combo she knows a secret and she just did something bad. Secondly, she dresses very conservatively and most folks take a book for its cover. Third, she says crazy, dirty stuff. I’d love to hang out with her. We have a lot in common.