Where'd you get your Funk from?🤘

Where’d you get your Funk from

I first heard of P-Funk from the “Work Dat Sucka To Death” sampling in Sonic CD

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Was riding with my dad in the 7th grade and he turned on the radio. Flashlight was playing. Never been the same since. I immediately attempted to seek out this band that could actually make music sound this way.


I grew up on Hip-Hop. Ice Cube, Dre, and Digital Underground sampled funk. I started going through the names in the credits, hunting down those songs.


My momma turned me on when I was a kid. She said to me, “now you listen to that man with the rainbow colored hair. He knows what he is doing when it comes to music!”


My brothers Mikey and Blewfoot


Stevie Wonder. I knew there had to be a reason I preferred the 70s stuff to the 60s stuff my mam adored. Sorry mammy.

Superstition. :metal:

Hip Hop filled in the blanks.

Columbia house record club. I used to randomly “buy” what I had read about or seen logos of, TAPOAFOM was one, I dug it but when I saw them a year later I was Hooked!