Where is Sly Stone?

Where is Sly these days? I know that he was and probably still is struggling with addiction. The last that I heard he was living in a van.

He has a great house in LA these day. enough $$ for the rest of his live. His health ok. He is off drugs tehse days. he is 79 years old now


Questlove is making a Sly documentary right now and it will include Sly and the surviving members. It won’t be fluff piece its going to go really in depth. I hope they interview George Johnson because he doesn’t hold back. I wish Cynthia was still here she doesn’t hold back either. I’m curious to see if Larry is going to be in it


According to Joel Selvin, Sly will release an autobiography that he has done with Ben Greenman. That’s the same Ben Greenman that did George’s book.

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I’m excited for that documentary. I really enjoyed Summer of Soul.

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Sly is doing very well and enjoying his retirement. The Family Stone (featuring Sly’s and Cynthia’s daughter Phunne, original saxophonist Jerry Martini and myself) are still playing shows regularly. Come out and see us if you would! :slight_smile: