Warner Bros Funkadelic albums might be back on streaming?

I recently uploaded 3 Bootsy albums that weren’t available (Ultra Wave) (This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N) (Bootsy? Player Of The Year) and got copyrighted (obviously) but when i uploaded One Nation and Uncle Jam, they didn’t get copyrighted.

So this might mean that 4th period Funkadelic records (On Warner) might be back on streaming.

Hmph! No such luck on Tidal. Aw, well…

They possibly could be releasing in the future. From what i can get at GC’s yt channel, He probably has the rights back because if he didn’t then he wouldn’t be able to upload one nation

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Both of these Funkadelic albums are available to stream on Amazon and YOUTUBE Music, in the UK at least, but weirdly not on Spotify.

I’m the only person I know who subscribes to YT music, but back in the day when it was Google Play, I judged it to have the widest selection of P Funk, so I’ve always kept with it. Don’t ask me about Apple.

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And more weirdly (or at least annoyingly!), -not- on Amazon Unlimited in the US! (I’ve been subscribing to it for several years now… there was a time I remember when certain albums were on there— things like the Live in Meadowbrook show (that I liked to listen to about once a week…), alternate versions of several classic Funkadelic albums, containing extra tracks, and Fuzzy Haskins’ solo album come to mind. All that stuff just disappeared many months ago and never came back (often titles will “gray out” on Amazon but another choice will be there with essentially the same tunes—- not in these cases.).
I’m not sure I ever remember seeing Uncle Jam or One Nation on there though….although, as someone posted recently, Parliament’s Osmium and Rhenium both did appear recently, also afte being MIA for a long time…. hopefully it’s a sign of (the other) things to come! :pray:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::pray:t4: