Updates from various Mob alumni

Hey all. Just getting back from the annual cruise run with The Family Stone. We had a number of great interactions and conversations with various Delics.

Greg Boyer was on the Soul Train Cruise playing in the Temptations’ horn section. He was his usual fantastic self and played great of course.

It was great to reconnect with Barry Chenault who we see every so often. He’s been drumming with Rose Royce for a number of years now. If you haven’t already seen them live recently, GO!!! Barry brings that P to their sound, and he and their bassist, James Ross, are incredible!!!

Finally, I was honored to unexpectedly meet and talk with Carl ‘Butch’ Small of Bootsy and Sweat Band fame. He was on the Flower Power Cruise playing hand drums with the Four Tops. He was extremely generous with his time and answered a lot of my P-Funk fan boy questions. He and I will stay in contact as he’s working on his book. Will keep y’all posted!

That’s all for now. Ok, bye!!! :metal:t4::metal:t4:


Good stuff. Thanx 4 sharing.

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Great to hear Barry is still out there killing it. His short time in the P early 1993 was one of my top 3 periods of the band. They were on fucking fire and unstoppable!!