Underated "P" Song. Under Radar

I have about 4 or 5 of underrated “p” funk tunes imho that i am glad George found time to record and release. Like: Stingy, Catch A Keeper, Acupuncture, Silly Millameter, and my goodness, Sunshine of your Love. (vocals) I think, music lovers all over world should hear that one. And the creativity that was captured in the moment/s for Longer Way Around.
Honorable mention: Tracey’s The Next Thing You’ll Know.


I have to admit that I’m always a bit disappointed about the LIVE Shows of P-Funk (GC). Because: Dr. Funkenstein created SO MANY brillant groovy Songs! And we only hear: “Flashlight”, “One Nation”, “Tear the roof”, “Knee Deep”, “Atomic Dog” and so on…
I would love to listen to live versions of “Stingy”, “Catch a Keeper”, “Acupuncture”, “Silly Millameter” and “Long Way Around”. I WOULD REALLY LOVE THAT!
Likewise: “Copy Cat”, “Clone Ranger”, “I Really Envy the sunshine”, “Funkin’ for my Mamas Rent”, “Martial Law”, “High in my Hello” and “Maximumisness”!!

Cool. Me too!!!

And that’s one of the things that make George and Pfunk so brilliant. Sometime they never look back. You have to capture the moment. Then it could be gone forever. The catalog is so vast and wide. Just like the song “Intense” from R&B Skeltons. R u kidding me?? “Gone git it on gone git on gone”!!! Simply brilliant. But you’ll probably never, ever hear it live.


I like P-Funk bc yes the catalog is so vast and wide but also varied and diverse! Listen to “Pot Sharing…”, then to “Mr.Wiggles”, then to a great Live Version of “Maggot Brain” and at the end to “Deep” (Parliament). It is so “diverse”! But everything is groovy! On the One! That is the music of Mr. George Clinton.

Yep. My brother and I was jamming “pot sharing tots” just last night. I dont think I ever go a single day without playing some Pfunk. Incredible. Yep. So many styles to choose from. Thanx bro.