Two really obscure, barely p-funk albums

Our Gang Funky:

Anyone have this? It’s not like it’s rare or expensive, so it seems like it would be worth grabbing. But the motherpage sure isn’t very fond of it. It’s too full of veteran p-funkers to be all that bad, though. The actual artist credits to each song are pretty obscure though, aside from Garry Shider and Jessica Cleaves, of course.

Dance On the Wild Side:

I think the only way I’m ever going to hear this to know if it’s as bad as they say, is to buy it on CD myself. Again, not too rare or expensive, so when i run out of better things to buy, I guess I’ll grab it. With P is the Funk, and Funk it Up, at least there are two things that can’t be terrible. Also, the motherpage says that the version of Bubblegum Gangster is the same as the one from P-Funk Unreleased Remix, but the track lengths are drastically different, so it might surprise me with a new version there, too.

I’ve got both of those. I’m not overly familiar with them, as I don’t really listen to them, as I don’t remember being very fond of them. Our gang funky is kinda INCorporated Thang Band-esque is probably the best way I could think to describe it, or maybe R&B Skeletons-esque. Wild Side is just… sigh just like so much electronic weirdness, like I don’t know how you could even call most of it funk. Bottom line: no where near essential. And chances are, if you’re looking into something that obscure, you probably have so much other P that is leagues and leagues better, that you won’t ever listen to those two. Just my two cents…

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Thanks, I kinda had the feeling it would be a bit like ITB, given the musicians and the era.

I remember when Our Gang first came out. About the same time as The Cinderella Theory. Sank without a trace. And rightly so. A few interesting vocal arrangements done up over a few boring flat grooves. However, I heard Manopener the other night and I’ll be damned if it didn’t hit some 30 years down the line. Go figure. Made me wanna go back and spin for first time in years. See if I can salvage it. P-Funk has been known to sit and sit and never go sour.

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If you read The Motherpage’s description of Unreleased Remix, it says that the same versions of Funk It Up and My Man, My Man, My Man are also on Dance On The Wild Side. This is incorrect. The two mixes of Funk It Up are quite different. The two versions of My Man are similar, but differ in their percussion and some other bits (and of course the Dance On The Wild Side mix is a lot shorter).

Don’t buy Dance On The Wild Side. Outside the three P-Funk tracks, it’s garbage and even for a cheap price it isn’t worth it. I bought it, ripped the three P-Funk tracks, and got rid of it. I’ll post the three tracks and save everyone a little money and a lot of pain.


OK folks, here are the three P-Funk related tracks from Dance On The Wild Side. All other tracks on the disc have nothing to do with our heroes and are pretty much awful. This is all you need.

Thanks! I promise I will not buy it now.

Why is this version of P is the Funk called a remix? As far as I can tell, I don’t have an original version of it. I know that one of the Clinton Family series is called that, but there’s no song with that title on it.

Oh, I get it!

In the Cabin of my Uncle Jam (P Is the Funk).

Yeah… Our gang funky isn’t that great but I have it and a single(s) that came off it at the time, cheap bargain bin stuff!?! I’ve definitely got a couple of 12” copies of ‘Beautiful - Gary Shider.’ As far as ‘P is the Funk’ is concerned the ‘In the Cabin’ version on the GC family series is not the same as original Flexi disc version I haven’t heard the remix of ‘P is the Funk’ if there is one but have flexi version on vinyl (Uncle Jam Wants You To Join His Army.) and cd version on family series!?! . Dunno if that is of any help

If you want to hear the remix of P Is The Funk, download my link above! :wink:

Sayyy… You wouldn’t happen to have rips of that “Beautiful” 12", would you?

“The Zip” yeah as I don’t have internet connection at home I decided against 80’s P-Funk remix stuff cheers but I’m good, ha! “Beautiful” ripped no sorry!!! Check it out it would actually be easier to send a copy physical copy as I said it’s Bairgain Bin” goes for “pennies” it’s that good!!! Ha!

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Wow, thanks. I didn’t know of either of these versions!

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