Trey Lewd EP released digitally last December

Don’t think anyone has mentioned this:

Sounds like the songs are from an upcoming album, but who knows when the hell that will actually come out, so I’m picking these up.


The last track “So Much Fun” was released as “White Girl” in 2011 so an album may have been in the works for quite a while…


Complete Tracey loonacy. Warped to the 9th power. I’ve been wondering who the female on the cover is with him. She was all up into some of the P-Union videos.


Manufactured Crackheads is the same recording from “The Trick Tracey LP”, plus, as HyperSpace mentioned, So Much Fun = White Girl, but otherwise I have confirmed these are all new recordings.

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That’s Priscilla Ben aka CribbleCreoSybil. She was also in the studio when Treylewd was on Danny On Everything (the Treylewd interview starts 18 min in).