Tra'zae Releases 3 New Albums

For any of y’all that ain’t know, Tra’zae just dropped 3 new albums lol. I haven’t really listened to any of his stuff before so I’ll definitely have to check it out. So far I’ve listened to a few tracks from Tra’zombipulation and it’s pretty dope.


Thanks for sharing! I need to check them out.

Anyone else checked out his work? I have only spent about 15 minutes sampling but here are my brief thoughts:

  • Electra’zonic is some pretty intense electroclash/dubstep. It’s not funk, but If you like that kind of thing, you’ll like it.

  • Influenced and West Dat Smell are both very modern hip hop. A very gangsta, bitches and pussy kinda feel to both of them. Not my thang, but I like it in small doses. Like in the amounts we get on MFD and STG. A whole album of it is too much for me.

  • Tra’zombipulation is some straight up p-influenced/derived hip-funk and I highly recommend it. I think anyone here would enjoy it. I’ll be buying it.

Tra’zombipulation is great. P-Funk references in every track :slight_smile:. Would love to get it on vinyl.

Feel the same way bout Influenced and West Dat Smell. Influenced is more modern soul, but still.

But I liked that Electra’zonic stuff :smile: , will listen to that some more.

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I may get up on the Tra’zombipulation. I tried West Dat Smell and had to bail out about 3 tracks in. My mind or something won’t let me go there I guess.