Thurteen/THURTDELIC new album in 2024?

Within the past two weeks there has been five videos uploaded to the THURTDELIC YouTube channel that I haven’t heard before (of course, maybe I just missed them).


Not bad. Who is Thurtdelic? I see there’s an album out on spotify and the five tracks on youtube are all separate from that.

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Not really sure. I thought maybe Thurteen and Thurtdelic were the same, like a rebrand or something? I haven’t read it recently, but there should be a little more info here:

Yeah, Thurteen and Thurtdelic are the same. Tairee Parks.


I like the brandnew stuff on YouTube from Thurtdelic! I hope it’s gonna be released official as Download.


Thurteen’s EP is called ThurtDelic. Same dude. The EP is damn good for a teaser. I told him so. Cant wait for some more stuff.
I think he co-wrote “get low”, if im not mistaken from Shake The Gate.

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Anyone has information about a brandnew official funky release from Thurteen aka Thurtdelic? New album?

He’s had an EP out for about 2 years now. Is that the one your speaking of? But there r a few new trax out there. Im not sure if a new full release is pending.

Thurtdelic released on YouTube other songs this year (as I said before “brandnew”), but unfortunately not available as CD or Download. Only on YouTube.

Ok. I understand. His stuff is fire.