The Parliaments in the Courier-News April 18, 1968

Check this article from April 18, 1968 in the Courier-News (a New Jersey newspaper). “Parliaments Visit Old West End Neighborhood” by Bob Suarez.

I seen that picture before, but don’t think I read the article. The first thing that struck me was that John Jenkins is in that picture (far left). He’s the one that replaced Calvin Simon when he was in Vietnam and it’s probably him in that August 1967 live pic.

The second thing that hit me was this statement.

Their first real attempt at this “psychedelic soul” will be expressed in their soon-to-be-released first album, “Testify a’ Go-Go.”

What?! Damn, I want that album! Maybe it’s the album that later became the first Funkadelic album… The Music For My Mother 7" got released around a year after this article was published and the first Funkadelic album around two years after.

At first I was planning on uploading the whole page, but realized that you had to zoom like crazy to be able to read it :slight_smile: . But it can still be interesting to see the article in it’s context and not just as a clipping. Anyhow, here’s the whole page as well.


Exactly. This is the line up from them pix. Thanks for posting.

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