The P on Soul Train

Been reading Questlove’s book about Soul Train and there’s two p-funk related images in it. The first one is of Bootsy’s Rubber Band from February 26, 1977 and the other one is of the anti-george-Funkadelic from May 23, 1981. No text about p-funk, just images.

Here’s what I found on youtube. Fuzzy and the guys preforms at 7:04 and 30:25. To me it sounds like that one is playback, but don’t know.

For Soul Train completeness, here’s also a clip where Bernie and Billy Bass preforms on Soul Train together with Chairman of the Board (also with McKinley Jackson and Zachary Slater).


Thanks for posting, I was aware that the Fuzzy, Grady, Calvin version of “Funkadelic” had appeared on Soul Train, but did not realize Bootsy’s Rubber Band made an appearance. Does any one know of any other Bootsy television appearances during this era (70’s)?

Don’t know of any other Bootsy TV appearances from the 70s.

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Yup thanks for reminding of this book. I checked it out from the library several years ago when it came out and wanted to eventually go back and buy my own copy but forgot about it.
I believe Bernie came out there with Tom Tom Club one time. And although I’ve never personally seen it, a friend of mine, who was a bit of a casual PF fan back in the day actually saw the Bootsy episode when it aired. Said he was sitting up in the house one rainy Saturday and when it came on all he can remember is Bootsy rocking back and forth. I’m assuming it was the first segment when Don first introduces the artist. He must have been doing Pinocchio Theory. That is one I’m yet to see pop up on youtube. There is also an official music video for the song Bootzilla.

Somebody once told me don’t know how true but DC told somebody nobody was ever coming on his TV show wearing diapers.