The origins of the Bomb

I am not a specialist of P FUNK language or vocabulary but heard someone of the P Funk crew saying that Georges introduces the formula the bomb in the mid seventies.
Note that this same expression is used by the Temptations in their song Hurry tomorrow. Did it mean the same thing ? Don’t really know.
Is it a common expression at the time ?

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I think we might need to give that one to the Temps. Boss tune that.

Love their psychedelic phase, especially the slightly later stuff with Billy and Eddie :metal:

Yeah, I would also say that it has the same meaning. Excellent track from the Temps!

Always thought that “the bomb” originally came from an old jazz expression, but the people over at StackExchange seem to have a hard time finding any example of that. But it obviously has a connection to slang used in drug context. There’s some historical examples at this page.

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If I knew how to embed a tune, I’d drop the Gap Band on you…baby

Ah well.

(The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Official Music Video) - YouTube)

So close but no cigar… :unamused:

This was my first ever P-Funk record, purchased in it’s year of release, (so I was kinda late to the party), but “The Bomb” was in the title and when I played the LP, I definitely felt like I knew what it meant!


I was even later to the party :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

A Canadian friend introduced me to the P in ‘93 and played me Mothership Connection and the bomb went off :metal:

Bought One Nation a year later after returning to the UK and the obsession began to grow…

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He may not have had it first, nor Chocolate City either. But…when The Dr says “The Bomb” on the song P-Funk, the way he says it, with meaning. It has more potency to it than whoever said it first I believe.

He was also calling stuff “stoopid” as early as the song Undisco Kidd. And lets not forget when everybody started talking about twerking. The first I heard that was Knee Deep.


“The Bomb” / Da’ Bomb is just an old street term leaning on the affirmative ie. “bad as hell” with BAD meaning Good. This term was always used to explain the quality of Herb. . “It’s the Bomb” is use to explain the headiness of the weed that was smoke.
“That Party / Concert was the Bomb” ie.GOOD TIME

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