The Official Boot-legged Bootsy CD

I thought when I bought this, that it was all alternate versions and remixes. But I just realized that the track, The Government has Begun, is identical to Funk Ain’t Broke from Fresh Outta P University.

I will eventually go through all these and see what is actually different and what is just re-titled songs from past albums, but I just thought I’d check here first with the top-level funkateers. Has anyone else checked out this disc and sorted out what’s new from what’s redundant?

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Not sure how useful this is, but I was curious as well and found this review on Amazon:

“Buyer beware! This is a more a compilation/mixtape than an album (the title maybe says it all: “bootlegged”. I already knew all of these tracks from previous Bootsy albums (except number 7, with Fatboy Slim). The first two tracks are from BLASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, with different but uninspired vocals on it. You get tracks from ZILLATRON, WHAT’S BOOTSY DOIN?, FRESH OUTTA P UNIVERSITY… Of course, diehard funkateers will buy this for the two or three slightly remixed versions of songs already known, but[…]”

Don’t have that album, but that’s interesting. Let us know when you’ve done the comparisons!

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I have to go back and listen to it. I have not heard it in years but I do recall a couple of neat mixes on it.

I plan to get this done this weekend. I’ll report back.

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Yes! I saw that too. Actually I was listening to it, realized that the one song didn’t sound any different from another album, and googled more information and reviews on it to try to get to the bottom of it. This review is what told me I was onto something.

There are 13 tracks on this album.

  • 2 are confirmed legitimate “alternate versions”
  • 7 are confirmed identical recordings or close enough to be considered identical
  • 4 are unaccounted for

The last 4 are of interest. I don’t think these appeared on any other Bootsy albums in any form, but I only spent about half an hour checking. I thought may you would want to listen to them and tell me if I’m mistaken. Worst case scenario, you get 4 exclusive Bootsy tracks!

Only thing I recognized is that Bootsy’s band Zillatron has a song called “No Fly Zone (The Devil’s Playground)” like the song on “Official Bootlegged…” called “Da Devil’s Playground”. They aren’t the same track and they don’t even sound like the same song (I didn’t really listen all the way through) but it’s interesting they’re titled the same

Thank you, that’s very helpful. So far it looks like these 4 songs are exclusive to this disc… which really soothes the sting of it, because knowing me, I’d have bought this knowing that anyway.

What would you say your knowledge of Bootsy’s material is? Expert? I, for example, have only been listening for 7 months. I have every album but have heard each one only about 7 times, in between hundreds of others, so not all of it has stuck yet.

I have been expert level all up through the 1990’s but now eh, its getting kinda foggy.

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a Bootsy expert. I’ve heard most of his stuff but mostly I just have a few dozen songs of his in my main playlist. He’s one of the artists I need to listen through all his stuff again.